我们与以下公司合作 37个国家 23个行业。我们的项目组合包括 2,695 成功的故事, including projects for Walmart, eBay, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Baxter, IBM, 里奥·伯内特 . We asked our customers what are their impressions on cooperation with 科学软件 – have a look at their answers in the testimonials below.


里奥·伯内特 Worldwide: What Is Working with 科学软件 Like

For 4 years, 科学软件 have been an outsourcing partner of a global advertising agency 里奥·伯内特 Worldwide. Sam Gooby, Head of Platform Production at 里奥·伯内特 , shares his 科幻 rst-hand experience on collaboration with our IT experts.


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C ++
Office 365

凯龙健康’s core business is providing caregivers with a web-based telemedicine platform which allows them to connect with patients for routine follow-ups 和 similar use cases. We 恩 gaged 科学软件 to build an Android app that complements our web-based platform for our patients.

科学软件开发人员证明自己是Android专家。他们为Android应用程序开发方面的技术挑战和考虑事项提供了建议,并成功地引领了从头到尾的道路。 科学软件团队每天与我们的开发人员联系,而我们的沟通方式是成功参与的重要因素。我还要指出ScienceSoft的可靠测试方法。他们在测试版环境中进行的全面测试确保了该应用程序的启动没有重大错误。我们还邀请他们为该应用程序引入一些增强功能,并且肯定会将ScienceSoft视为进一步软件开发计划中的技术合作伙伴。

We have been cooperating with 科学软件 for 5 years. 科学软件's team of 科幻 ve 爪哇 德 velopers 和 one Test Engineer have been working hard to 恩 sure our product - Enonic XP - exceeds our customer's expectations. 的 team has become an integrated part of Enonic , 和 we appreciate their efforts 和 passion for the product.

科学软件's experience in agile 德 velopment 恩 sured smooth project implementation 和 iterative 德 velopment of Enonic XP。这使我们能够适应不断变化的市场需求,并纳入使我们在竞争中脱颖而出的功能。结果,Enonic XP已经发展成为易于使用且可扩展的平台,这对于我们的成功至关重要。


We partnered with 科学软件 to carry out penetration testing of our Simpli5® web-based application.

We were under some time pressure to get penetration testing performed as quickly as possible. When I reached out 科学软件, they were immediately responsive to my inquiry, they provided a very competitive quote quickly, 和 they were able to schedule the testing shortly after our acceptance of the quote.

科学软件’s security testing team performed exceptionally well 和 gave us confidence that our application posed no serious vulnerabilities. 的 collaboration was smooth 和 easy, 和 we were very pleased with selecting 科学软件 as our vendor.

Cooperating with 科学软件 was a terrific experience, 和 we will 德 finitely consider them for our future security testing needs.


科学软件 offers a high caliber of resources skilled in Microsoft Azure 。净 , mobile 和 Quality Assurance. Over the past three years, 利沙尔 was very pleased with the service provided by 科学软件 德 velopment teams 和 executive management. For accelerated project timelines which require skilled resources, 科学软件 is a company that your team should consider.

科学软件 proved to be a professional service provider from the outset. We appreciate their proactive approach 和 ability to suggest improvements to a prospective solution on both architectural 和 business levels. We know we can always rely on 科学软件’s various competencies when our clients require quality software which would facilitate their business success.


半年来,我们依靠ScienceSoft 的SharePoint 的能力来加强我们的团队在基于SharePoint Online的药品门户网站上的工作。其中涵盖了几个任务,特别是创建具有公司样式品牌的自定义母版页,具有自定义Web部件的社交功能以及在目标位置重新创建组件。我们的目标是最大程度地利用现成的SharePoint功能,并避免大量的开发工作,ScienceSoft专业地满足了这些要求。远程合作进行得非常顺利,因为双方对项目范围有着共同的看法。该门户已在时间和预算范围内实现。我们可以推荐ScienceSoft作为可靠的IT合作伙伴,为我们提供熟练的技术人员。

我们会向所有寻求忠实的IT服务提供商的公司推荐ScienceSoft的名称。我们已经与ScienceSoft合作了6年,他们已经成为我们的长期技术合作伙伴。我们的合作关系涉及多个领域,例如基于服务器的系统的桌面和移动客户端软件开发,软件测试,软件咨询以及为客户的系统集成。 科学软件专业和知识渊博的员工愿意尽最大努力确保项目成功。发展的各个方面始终要经过深思熟虑。我们尤其印象深刻的是可交付成果的高质量。

This year we had used 科学软件 as our PenTest company. Experience that we had was very good. 科学软件 had accomplished pentest in a very professional manner 和 on time. Personally I had only positive impressions from working with the team Scout is looking forward to work with 科学软件 in a future. 

At 溶血剂 , we strive to provide our clients with top-notch solutions to keep track of customer emotions 和 satisfaction in order to 德 liver an automated market research platform, simple 和 easy to use. As technology evolves we need to keep abreast. New features 和 improvements need to be introduced all the time. So I was in search of 德 velopers to handle parts of our back-end 德 velopment. 科学软件 came across as a reliable partner with 德 cades of experience in the 科幻 eld 和 proven track record.

科学软件 didn't fall short of expectations. 的ir 的PHP 和 Node.js skills are excellent. 科学软件 德 livers great technical quality, really 德 dicated 德 velopers, eager to solve problems, 和 positive about their work 和 area of expertise. I appreciate their reactivity 和 collaborative approach. Our investment surely pays off. I know I can rely on them 和 I like it.

We chose 科学软件 as a technology partner for the mobile banking 德 velopment project for both iOS 和 Android platforms. 的 choice of a service provider was especially critical, since a reliable 和 convenient mobile banking application is strategically importnat to 联合银行 as a bank, which strives to employ state-of-the-art technologies to the benefit of our customers.

We were pleased with the outcomes of the project, as well as with the collaboration mode. 科学软件 brought to the table substantial expertise in mobile application 德 velopment 和 explicitle customer-centered approach to the application 德 sign. Besides, they proved to be areliable 和 agile technology partner. We especially appreciate their professional approach to security issues, which were among our main concerns due to strict regulations.


Lemongrass Consulting partnered with 科学软件, between March 和 September 2019, for our G-Suite to Office 365 移民 Project. This included the migration of all Lemongrass email, Distribution Lists 和 shared mailboxes, Calendars 和 Contacts from Google to Microsoft O365.

的 Project 恩 countered a number of unforeseen issues during migration 和 cutover but, 科学软件 rose to the challenge 和 worked closely with the Lemongrass Team to 恩 sure a timely resolution.

的 科学软件 Team were always very professional, 德 monstrating competency in the required skillset 和 good communications; 德 spite the remote working relationship.

的 project was successfully implemented at the beginning of September 和 we are very happy with our new Office 365 solution. Thanks again to the 科学软件 Team.


We cooperated with 科学软件 on our company intranet project.

的ir work will help us achieve a higher level of communication with our diverse workforce by creating a repository of tools, information, communication 和 event management tools. We have already seen an increase in event participation 和 use of the tools built into the site which allow the employees to have a greater part in self-managing their needs.




科学软件 has been vital to our companies growth in ecommerce over the last 2 years. 的y are knowledgeable, efficient, communicative, 和 are always able to provide a strong resource for any needs that arise. 的y are a very versatile company in terms of the amount of services they provide. 科学软件 is quite possibly the most beneficial outside resource we’ve ever had.

哈丁与卡本 has been very pleased with selecting 科学软件 as our vendor for 德 veloping a client portal for our customers.

的ir professionalism, expertise, guidance, organization, 和 timing has been wonderful. 的y were also very patient with explaining their process 和 the next steps if we ran into any issues that we did not understand.

的 恩 d product is what we wanted 和 we would absolutely use them for any future 德 velopment 和 projects for our company.


We want to express our gratitude to 科学软件 for their productive collaboration with us.

When we were looking for a reliable security testing partner in 2018 for a the 科幻 rst release of our cloud-based application, we chose 科学软件 to provide us with quality testing services 和 security code review.

Throughout security testing activities, 科学软件’s cybersecurity team proved to be results-oriented 和 attentive to 德 tail. 的 team responded quickly 和 produced useful reports which were easy to understand 和 implement if required.

Upon completion of security checks, 科学软件 provided 德 tail on testing activities which identified recommendations which we were able to implement. Thanks to 科学软件’s quality testing efforts, we were able to 恩 sure a higher level of protection of our cloud application 和 the sensitive customer data stored in it.

科学软件 has proved to be a competent cybersecurity partner who can 德 liver high-quality testing services within the 德 adlines provided.

We consider 科学软件 a trusted business partner 和 plan to continue our working relationship with them.


的 R.I.S.K. 公司 cooperated with 科学软件 as a technology partner on a SIEM 德 ployment project for one of the leading mobile operator in Azerbaijan. Our primary vendor selection criterion was the solid experience in 德 ploymnet, configuration 和 科幻 ne-tuning of IBM SIEM solution - QRadar . Experience in telecommunications industry was of high importnace as well. 科学软件 was able to bring both those assets to the table.

科学软件 团队的专业精神确保了项目实施过程中三方协作的顺利进行。所有对客户至关重要的业务应用程序均已与QRadar成功集成。此外,还创建了自定义报告,以确保为客户的安全人员快速可视化犯罪和系统健康状态。即,已部署的解决方案不仅保证符合特定于行业的安全标准,而且使系统能够生成有关连接的日志源中各种违法行为的有价值的信息。

We contracted 科学软件 to perform penetration testing a few months ago. I recommend them fully. 的y were very quick to reply to all questions, they scheduled the test in just a few days when other vendors were booked for many weeks. And the testing itself was very well done, the results were clear 和 after one iteration of 科幻 xes, we passed the test.

我们需要精通的大数据咨询机构来为我们部署Hadoop实验室,并为我们的成功和快速采用提供支持。 ScienceSoft的团队证明了他们对我们需要的各种大数据技术的精通:Hadoop分布式文件系统,Hadoop MapReduce,Apache Hive, Apache Ambari, Apache Oozie, Apache Spark, Apache ZooKeeper只是几个名字。 ScienceSoft的团队还向自己展示了出色的顾问。特别感谢您在过渡期间的支持。每当出现问题时,我们几乎都能立即回答。 

我们当然会推荐 ScienceSoft是高能力和可靠的合作伙伴。 


We would like to express our gratitude to 科学软件 for productive collaboration.

In January 2018 和 February 2019, 科学软件’s security 恩 gineers provided us with penetration testing services to check the security of our web application. During our communication, 科学软件’s security professionals always responded quickly on any question regarding the identified security vulnerabilities.

Upon the completion of security tests, we got comprehensive reports with the 德 tailed information on the 德 tected critical 和 non-critical security weaknesses 和 recommended measures to mitigate them. After we carried out the remediation of critical vulnerabilities, 科学软件’s security 恩 gineers retested the protection of our web application again to confirm its high security level 和 德 livered an updated 科幻 nal report to us.

Our experience of cooperation with 科学软件’s security testing team proved the company to be a competent cybersecurity services provider. We consider 科学软件 to be a reliable business partner who understands how to make collaboration beneficial.



科学软件 powered 绑 with a competent team to 德 velop products for banking services. 的 team has been 德 livering results within budget 和 time. I’m absolutely satisfied with the quality of their services, their 德 velopment skills 和 responsibility as well as the way they manage communication with us 和 our clients. I fully recommend 科学软件 as a reliable IT partner!


We would like to express our gratitude to 科学软件, our vendor for providing 销售队伍 -SharePoint integration.

We have had a fruitful collaboration. 科学软件 has proved to be a reliable vendor with multi-disciplinary expertise, able to 德 liver seamless system integration that brings efficient customer communication 和 improved user experience.

We would recommend 科学软件 as a highly professional 和 trusted business partner.


科学软件 provided us with the proper documentation agreed upon the during the initial stages. 的y had quick turnaround times for PEN Testing, less than 2 weeks! 科学软件 Sales team works with you until all services are complete. I highly recommend 科学软件.

We would like to express our gratitude to 科学软件 for productive cooperation.

科学软件's team of security 恩 gineers provided the full package of penetration testing services for our web application. 的y performed penetration testing for multiple layers of our web application's security, providing useful reports 和 德 tailed recommendations on remediation.

Thanks to 科学软件's high-quality services, we were able to locate 和 neutralize vulnerabilities 和 恩 sure the security of our customers' personal data, as well as protect our services from potential attacks.

We were very pleased to see such a comprehensive approach. During our cooperation, 科学软件's team showed 德 ep cybersecurity expertise as well as excellent communication skills, quickly addressing any of our questions 和 concerns.


During the project flow we were very pleased by the work of 科学软件’s business analysts 和 德 velopers, who 德 monstrated high level of skills 和 competence. 的y made many significant contributions to our products both in terms of functionality 和 quality.

We would 德 finitely recommend 科学软件 as skilled 和 trustworthy consulting 和 德 velopment partner.


科学软件团队成功地在Document Management系统中进行了业务分析,尤其是迁移到更新的系统上,以提高服务质量并提供所有文档的验证。 Science拥有执行所需规范以及相关领域经验(在本例中为核领域)的高技术能力,因此开发人员和测试人员可以正确解释该准则。一切都按时,按预算交付。由于我们从一开始就提供了详细的规范,因此他们能够为整个项目设定价格并负责遵守。我可能会推荐ScienceSoft。      

科学软件 is a highly skilled 和 uniquely capable 科幻 rm with multitudes of talent on-board. We have collaborated on a number of diverse projects over the years all of which have been utmost success for both us 和 our clients.




科学软件 德 signed 和 德 veloped a native iOS app that offers a quantitative assessment of users’ physical 科幻 tness. I've incorporated my idea of a reliable person's physical state analyzer on my PC, 和 the 科学软件’s technical team implemented it to mobile realm. I was impressed with the excellent level of responsibility, communication skills 和 mobile competences of both the management team 和 德 velopers. 所有 the tasks were completed accurately, promptly 和 efficiently.

We are very happy with having 科学软件 as a partner for our product 德 velopment team. 的y are proving us with highly skilled, talented 德 velopers that have been contributing to the growth of our business. 科学软件 are making outsourcing a very smooth 和 cost efficient solution for us.

科学软件 provides to us a team of skilled 德 velopers in 的PHP front-end 和 back-end programming. We've been working with 科学软件 since June 2017 和 their programmers have 德 veloped for us a number of hugh quality plugins for Magento 1, Magento 2 和 Shopware marketplaces. 

科学软件 has always been very flexible in helping us to meet our 德 adlines. Whenever we experience unexpected workloads on even short notice they are very responsive in satisfying our needs. 


We have been working with 科学软件 for 科幻 ve years so far. Team successfully performed the migration project in order to improve our processes. 的 project involved mailboxes migration 和 additional configuration works, including antispam. 科学软件 has high technological competences to implement the needed domain experience.

We have experienced great cooperation from management, quick understanding of requirements, 德 ep technical skills from assigned resources, 和 company commitment to time, price, 和 quality. We would be pleased to recommend 科学软件 to anyone looking for outsourcing or extension of their own team!


At the 恩 d of a long migration project to the 的SharePoint O365 恩 vironment, our infrastructure software company 德 sired to update the face of our intranet site with a fresh look. We required specific customizations as well as an assurance that frequent Microsoft updates wouldn't disrupt the 德 sign. 科学软件 expertly met these requirements 和 their 德 livery on countless 德 tails 和 change requests were lightning-fast 和 their communication excellent. Our launch of the new site was seamless 和 successful.

我们强烈推荐 ScienceSoft是IT部门的高效,可靠,可交流的资源,可能需要外部熟练的技术人员来实现其目标和愿景。  


的 continuously increasing 德 mand for services of GuideVision lead us to the 德 cision, that - additionally to intensive hiring of own employees - we also 科幻 nd a long-term partner to help us handle the workload.

After looking through numerous candidates, we set our choice upon 科学软件 和 , over the course of our close cooperation, we haven’对此决定感到遗憾。在ServiceNow咨询和实施以及自动化测试服务方面,它们满足了我们的期望,并且对项目非常有价值。

At the present moment, their specialists are working together with our employees in mixed teams smoothly, just as well integrated units. We would 德 finitely recommend working with 科学软件 as a long-term partner.


在过去的十年中,我们've worked on about ten mobile app 德 velopment projects with 科学软件. It was our 科幻 rst 恩 counter with an outsourcing company. 的 relationship turned out to be very good, so 我们认为没有必要寻找其他供应商。

科学软件 is a professional 和 德 dicated company. 的ir 德 velopers performed really well 和 we 他们的方法或交付的工作从未遇到过任何重大问题。 在我们开发iOS版本的应用程序时,他们有时救了我们。 ScienceSoft努力交付Android版本。

我们当然会推荐 科学软件 as a highly skilled 和 reliable technology partner.


AITC, 和 me personally, has worked with 科学软件 on both product 德 velopment 和 consulting 恩 gagements with a focus on mobile 和 客户关系管理 . We have experienced great cooperation from management in both 德 partments, quick understanding of requirements, 德 ep technical skills from assigned resources, 和 the company's commitment to time, price, 和 quality. We would be pleased to recommend 科学软件 to anyone looking for outsourcing or extension of their own team!

We have cooperated with 科学软件 in several projects, including secure 和 feature rich iOS 和 Android applications. Our companies established a very good relationship during the projects. 科学软件 proved to be a professional 和 committed partner. 的ir 德 velopers performed exceptional well 和 we were satisfied with their approach. We would certainly have no hesitation to recommend 科学软件 as a highly skilled 和 reliable service provider. 


科学软件 team successfully performed Security 和 Penetration testing for Snad organization's public facing portals pertaining to www.snad.org.sa back in December, 2018 和 gave us the confidence that the portal is ready to be launched with no serious vulnerabilities.

科学软件 has been highly professional through out the process 和 helped us through all the steps of testing. 科学软件 has high technological competencies to perform the needed testing as well as relevant domain experience.

Everything was 德 livered on time 和 on budget. I'd highly recommend 科学软件.


We are fully satisfied with the work completed by 科学软件. 的se guys bring exceptional talent to the table 和 have become instrumental to the ongoing 恩 hancement of our online booking platform. 的y pretty much 德 liver all of their assigned work on time 和 within budget. As a result of my positive experience with 科学软件 I’d like to underwrite that our business partnership is ongoing.


在过去的11年中,Invention Machine与ScienceSoft建立了稳定而成功的关系。 科学软件吸引了当地的顶尖人才从事我们的项目,从而产生了我们可以销售并出售给客户的产品。 科学软件为复杂问题提供了最先进的解决方案,带来了创新的思想和发展。 科学软件非常严格地遵循规范,要求就预期的功能进行清晰的沟通。我对ScienceSoft的最终评论反映了他们致力于解决由于硬件或软件问题而引起的任何问题;简而言之,无论这些问题何时出现,他们都会付出更多努力来为客户提供支持。

我们的产品之一是eBill B2B解决方案,该应用程序提供了许多命名空间,涉及与诸如用户,地址,公司,角色,授权,文档等实体的工作。 该项目的主要目标是实施eArchive模块。 推荐ScienceSoft作为白俄罗斯可靠,经验丰富且最成熟的外包公司。因此,在研究了参考资料和公司的专业知识之后,我们决定将该项目交给ScienceSoft处理。现在,我很高兴地说这是正确的选择。总体而言,我必须说,我们在eBill项目上的合作非常好。成功完成项目后,我们已使ScienceSoft参与了其维护和支持。

当我们失去一位主要开发人员,并且面临着严峻的业务形势,产品发布,培训和客户交付的截止日期很短时,ScienceSoft给予了我们帮助。 科学软件开发人员能够跳入一个未完成的项目,并以高度专业和高效的方式按时完成所有工作。由于使用Internet,电子邮件和Skype的团队合作非常有效,我们最初对重新使用远程资源的担忧被证明是没有根据的。我们对ScienceSoft感到非常非常满意,不仅计划继续与他们合作,而且还建议为其他挑战性软件开发项目推荐他们的服务!

Welch Packaging hired 科学软件 to help modernize our 的SharePoint site. 的y added a professional scrolling announcements 和 added new sections for Birthdates 和 anniversary dates. 的y completed the project on time 和 on budget. I am very satisfied with the work they did 和 I would recommend them to anyone who needs 的SharePoint work.

From the 科幻 rst day I started working with Sciencesoft I knew they were different than any other software company I had communicated with previously. 的ir attention to 德 tail 和 accountability were impressive from the start of my project, through the release of my software 和 during Beta testing. I have been very satisfied with the quality of their product 和 have been pleasantly surprised by their level of service.

科学软件 greatly contributed to our project, without any exceptions. 科学软件 experience in 开放文字 StreamServe (now ExStream) is undisputed. Thanks to them Velcom established actual Customer Communication Center with some quite innovative functionality. We would recommend all customers 和 partners 科学软件 as Professional 软件开发 company.

科学软件 has participated in 德 velopment of features for our company product. 的 tricky task was to have it 德 veloped for a several platforms simultaneously. 的 team sank into the project specifics very quickly; they established smooth communications 和 management on the project, 和 , eventually, 德 livered the required product features, which were successfully integrated into main product. We appreciate their help a lot!

We appreciate a lot a responsible 和 thorough approach of 科学软件 team. 的 德 velopment team responded quickly to all the project-related issues. In addition, 德 tailed reports were provided on a regularly basis, which kept us abreast of the project status. 所有 in all, we 恩 joyed our experience of having 科学软件 as an outsourcing partner.

We collaborated with 科学软件 on the creation of testing documentation for one of our projects – a B2C hotel booking portal.

科学软件’s QA team efficiently 德 veloped testing documentation on the basis of exploratory testing results 和 our software requirements specification. We would like to acknowledge that the team was 德 voted not only to 德 livering high-quality services but also making the collaboration process smooth 和 convenient for us.

Undoubtedly, we would recommend 科学软件 as a reliable partner in QA 和 software testing.

JSP"Belgazprombank" expresses gratitude to 股份公司"ScienceSoft"用于执行创建银行移动应用程序的工作以及提供的全面支持和高水平的客户服务。

的 creation of this application has helped 股份公司"Belgazprombank"为我们的客户提供通过手机访问银行服务的高科技功能。

股份公司"ScienceSoft" has been providing solutions in the area of banking software for 股份公司"Belgazprombank"自2013年以来。因此,我们经历了客户的兴起'忠诚度和白俄罗斯银行市场竞争力的提高。

股份公司"Belgazprombank" appreciates established with 股份公司"ScienceSoft"在解决问题方面的合作与相互理解,专业精神和响应能力的关系,并表示对维护现有业务和友好关系充满信心。